My name's Autumn! I have no idea how to describe myself! 23 yrs old, INFJ, Snake Zodiac, Saggitarius, Cis, she/her pronouns... That's about all I got by way of arbitrary labels.

This started out as a writing blog but quickly devolved into whatever the fuck I wanted it to be. Various fandoms, animal gifs, reblogs, shit about my life.

Anything I write/post about myself and my life are under this tag and this tag

Arts & Crafts & Other Crap

mostly abandoned dA: rackne

PesterChum: outlandishHyperdrive

ponies in fillydelphia

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I’ve gotta go to bed but I’m terrified at how many tumblr posts there will be in the morning.

Also I didn’t manage to draw anything today TT_TT stupid messed up elbow/arm/wrist…I wanna work on mah fan troll…